Friday, October 31, 2008

Thalantalu/Mangala Snaanalu

Once the pandiri was worshipped, the next event is bathing the groom. This is to cleanse the groom and make him ready for the marriage. Managala snaanalu (Holy bath), is conducted in open place where minimum 3-5 elderly (relative) couples are required to start.
This was conducted on the terrace of my home, let's get into more details:

The stage was set with rangoli around the chairs and surrounded by different colored buckets. Rose water, colored water...

The next part would be oiling the groom's head. First both the parents of the groom would come and apply vermilion on to his forehead then apply oil on his head.
same will be carried even to Thodu
And this will be repeated with minimum of 5 pairs of couples and later bathing with different varieties of (colored) water.

That way the bathing would be started and if people like me around we end this up with more fun and jovial way... it's just attack.

And the groom will get sometime to fresh up himself to get ready with next event.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bhoomi/Pandiri puja - Worship to Mother Earth

The marriage events starts a day before the Muhurtam day (Marriage day). So the important event on October 11, was preparing my brother as groom.
First things first, in India the celebrations are marked with decorating with green leaves, rangoli...

Mango and Coconut leaves forms the important ones and later comes the dias/pandiri. In our tradition we personify every object in the creation, so also goes with Earth. Indians treat Earth as Mother and with lots of reverence. Every morning , pray to Earth saying that we are starting our day and mother in this process, we might walk/run over you with our feet please forgive us and then start the usual activity.
And on that day my mom and sister also performed the similar puja to mother earth seeking her permission to erect the decoration poles.

It concludes there before setting up the decoration and the puja will be performed again before removing the decoration.
The decorated house:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Marriage was a great event

I thank one and all for their co-operation to make my brother's marriage a memorable one.
It was very hectic and due to my non-availability at home, my parents alone managed it. I was discussing the same to my mother and she said one adage in telugu
Illu katti choodu
Pelli chesi choodu
"Construct a home & Perform a marriage"

So I thought I would do my bit to narrate the key traditions, practices followed in Indian marriages especially "Telugu" marriages.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding Invitation

Please find my brother's wedding invitation attached with this email. Looking forward for your presence as my brother Sudheer Kumar and Sujani exchange marriage vows on 11th & 12th October, 2008. Please treat this as personal invitation and grace the occasion.